Small Scale Tundish Water Model

Basically tundish is a buffer for continuous casting process, connecting the ladle with the mould. When the ladle is emptied for casting and has to be replaced by another full ladle, the liquid steel stored in the tundish will keep flowing into the mold, which provide a few minutes for the second full ladle to come in and settle in casting position, then the casting process can be running continuously without interruption by ladle changing.

Except as a buffer for continuous casting process, the duties of tundish also include: preventing secondary oxidization; maintain or improve liquid steel cleanliness and encouraging non-metallic inclusion floatation and removal; preventing vertex and slag entrapment when liquid steel level going down during ladle changing; minimize the transition during steel grade change without casting stop and re-start; providing another chance for steel alloying.

In PMRL group, small scale Tundish water models were built for billet and slab casters.